Some Confederate Soldiers Buried in Louisiana


Some Louisiana Confederates Buried in Other States


The title of this work explains exactly what we are trying to accomplish - first, to record as many Confederate veterans from any state that are buried in Louisiana and to identify as many Louisiana Confederate Veterans as possible that are buried in other states. The reason that this effort is entitled "Some" is because we cannot hope to ever record all of the Confederate soldiers buried in Louisiana or Louisiana Confederate soldiers buried in other states. It is an ongoing project and as new information is recorded and filed, this database will be updated. It is available to all who wish to find ancestors or information regarding the resting places of these Confederate heroes.


Compiled by: N. Wayne Cosby

Website designed by: Charles Harper 

  Last updated: 28 January 2000

13,575 Names in 1919 Cemeteries

Since the last update, over 1400 names have been added and 135 cemeteries.  Major additions are in Orleans, Caldwell, Assumption, Terrebonne and Natchitoches Parishes.  Caldwell Parish had virtually no listings until this update.   Hundreds of names have been added from Metaire and Lafayette No. 1 in New Orleans and in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA .   Also, over 30 cemeteries were added in Natchitoches Parish.


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