Mission Statement

The Young-Sanders Center for the Study of the War Between the States in Louisiana exists to provide a balanced, traditional, and historically valid perspective in regard to the most dramatic and significant conflict in American history. It is the intention of the Center to promote and defend the importance of historical research, education, and preservation in order to ensure respect for the past and proper preparation for the future. The Young Sanders Center is devoted to the military, political, social, and economic history of the War Between the States within the borders of Louisiana, and, in keeping with that devotion, rejects "generalist" , "interdisciplinary", or "sociological" approaches. We believe that history is history and that it cannot be diminished or modified to reflect personal or political prejudices.

The State of Louisiana played an important and heroic role in the war. The soil of our state--from the banks of Bayou Teche to the trenches of Port Hudson to the cotton fields along the Red River--was drenched in the blood of those who sacrificed their lives to defend the rights of the states or to preserve the Union. It is our contention that those sacrifices must be remembered and honored. Through research, symposia, publications, presentations, exhibits, and education outreach, the Young-Sanders Center will strive to explore and examine every aspect of Louisiana's war. We believe that the study and discussion of battles, leaders, common soldiers, and the often forgotten "home front" will remind the citizens of our state, and of the nation, that the qualities of honor, courage, and self-sacrifice are characteristic of Louisiana.

In our projects, programs, and research, we will emphasize the two-year struggle along Bayou Teche and Bayou Lafourche, the siege of Port Hudson, and the Red River campaign. We will dedicate time and effort to the lives and careers of such individuals as Thomas Overton Moore, Henry Watkins Allen, Michael Hahn, Richard Taylor, Nathaniel Banks, P. G. T. Beauregard, Benjamin F. Butler, Solomon Northup, Tom Green, Edmund Kirby Smith, and Alfred Mouton. We will assist in the development and preservation of historic sites from Camp Moore to Nerson's Woods. We will sponsor archaeological excavations at sites associated with the Teche campaign, and we will help with the preservation of monuments commemorating the conflict. We will work closely with other historically-valid organizations and institutions throughout the country and the world. As Louisiana's Center, we will not forget our obligations and our responsibilities. 


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