Senior Staff

Director -- Jamie Christy
Bachelor of Arts in History from Louisiana State University
Master of Arts in American History from Southwest Texas State University
Teaching Assistant at Southwest Texas State University, 1995-99
Member of Phi Alpha Theta (History Honors Society)
Publications in the realm of American History

Assistant Curator --- Ann Talbot
Bachelor of Arts in History and English from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.
Worked for one year at Dupre Library at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.
Taught social studies at Hanson Memorial High School in Franklin. Worked at Morgan City Archives from 1981 through 1982. Worked on the ethnic history project while at Archives. Took historical research writing course while attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Currently taking a course on writing for children's literature.

Program Coordinator/Bookkeeper--Dottie Courville
Graduate of Morgan City High School with
thirty-three years' experience in bookkeeping,
program development, and office administration.

Artifacts Committee of the Young-Sanders Center Foundation

Alvin Willis
Paula Willis
Keith Hebert
Lee Gray
Rodney Bermucho

Mission Statement of the Artifacts Committee
To be able to identify, authenticate, and date artifacts that may hold historic
value to our area so that we may preserve and display those items for future generations.

Advisory Committee

Paul Gramling, Chairman 
Mary Elizabeth Sanders, Vice Chairman 
Dr. Arthur Bergeron 
Alvin Bethard 
Mark Brandon 
Kevin Byrd
Edward Overton Cailleteau 
Andrew Capone 
Bob Crook 
Wayne Cosby 
Hon. Bob Courtney 
Giles Duplechin 
Charles Elliott 
Dr. Thomas Eubanks 
Dr. Donald Frazier 
Patricia Gallagher 
Gary Garrison 
Denis Gaubert 
Dr. Herbert Graf 
Dr. Gaston de la Bretonne
Charles S. Harper 
Keith Hebert 
John T. Hunley 
David Holcombe 
Gary Joiner
Robert Judice, Jr. 
Chuck McMichael 
Dr. Stephen S. Michot 
John Moroz, Jr. 
Chris Pena 
Brenda Pumphrey 
Chuck Rand 
Morris Raphael 
Tanya K. Ruffin 
Carmel T. Saul
William A. Spedale 
Scott Thorn 
Hays Town 
Irma White 
Molly Wiggins 
Thomas J. Williams
Dr. Steven Woodworth

Paul Gramling, Chairman of the Young Sanders Center Advisory Board

Mary Elizabeth Sanders -- Vice Chairman Young-Sanders Center Advisory Board

Edward Overton Cailleteau, Immediate Past Chairman of the Young Sanders Center Advisory Board


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