Great Historians Oral History Project
The Young-Sanders Center and the Morgan City Archives are in the process of implementing a new oral history program. This program is called: Great Historians and Their Recollections. Roger Busbice, former Chief Archivist of Louisiana's Old State Capitol, will be the chief interviewer for our oral history program. Mr. Busbice, over the coming months and years, will interview some of America's most prestigious historians. This project will give future students of history insights into the minds of some of the twentieth century's most accomplished historians. We hope that the experience and knowledge that will be contained on these tapes will enable future historians to cultivate a better understanding of our past.

The historians will be interviewed about their major works, the current state of academia, the professors who influenced them in graduate school, etc.

Archaeological Work in South Louisiana

The Young-Sanders Center will be working closely with both the regional and state Archaeologists on projects relating to the excavation of a number of battlefield sites in south Louisiana. The Center will work with the landowners and other organizations such as the Historic Fort Butler Foundation to increase our knowledge of the engagements in south Louisiana while using appropriate archaeological methods and procedures. The Young-Sanders Center is committed to augmenting the public's knowledge and understanding of both the discipline of archaeology and the study of history.
The Young-Sanders Center, with the permission of Atkinson Memorial Presbyterian Church, has begun preliminary work on Fort Brashear (Fort Star) in Morgan City.  This project is being supervised by Dr. Charles McGimsey, Regional Archaeologist for the State of Louisiana.  A new map of Fort Brashear has been produced and magnetometer readings have been taken at the site.  Check this site for future updates about this important project at one of South Louisiana's few remaining earthworks.
Web Site Expansion

The Young-Sanders Center is constantly working on increasing the amount of information available via its web site. We are currently in the early stages of a project that will allow us to place information from the Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands on our web site. This will allow researchers from around the nation to have access to this important work regarding the War Between the States in Louisiana.
The Young-Sanders Center has placed the Confederate Records Burial Database on its web site.  This database contains information on more than 10,300 Confederate soldiers buried in over 1500 cemeteries.  The information on the database was compiled for the purpose of recording as many Confederate gravesites as possible in the state of Louisiana.  The graves of Louisiana Confederate soldiers buried in other states has also been included.  Some of the information found in this database cannot be found anywhere else.  The link to this information can be found on the home page of this web site.


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