Calendar of Events 2000

New Exhibits at Center

    This spring the Young-Sanders Center will open an exhibit on the plantation of Olympus Young.  Mr. Young was one of   St. Mary's largest antebellum planters but,  by 1862, much of his land had been confiscated by the Federal government and his lawns and fields became the site of the Union fort called Brashear.  From Fort Brashear the Yankees battled the Confederates and gained control of Bayou Teche and the southern Mississippi Valley.  Our exhibit will center around Fort Brashear and the Young family and properties and will detail the Federal occupation of the Brashear (now Morgan City) area.
    By summer we hope to open an exhibit on the Twenty-sixth Louisiana Infantry and their contribution to the War Between the States.  This unit moved to the defense of New Orleans in 1862, spent forty-six days in the trenches at the siege of Vicksburg, then fought around the Red River after their exchange.  This project will center around three officers of the Twenty-sixth who left record of their experiences:  First Lieutenant Jared Sanders II, Captain Mannah Wheaton Bateman, and the regiment's colonel, Winchester Hall.



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