What is the history behind the unusual flag that is part of your logo?

The flag which is incorporated into our logo is the official flag of Louisiana which was adopted on 12 February 1861. This flag represented Louisiana as an independent entity after the state had seceeded on 26 January 1861 and continued to serve as the state flag after the state joined the Confederate States of America.

The flag had thirteen stripes, just like the flag of the old Union. However, the stripes did not have the red and white of the old flag. The stripes were blue, white, and red, just like the old French tricolor. The canton of the new flag had a single five point star that represented the state's sovereignty. The star was yellow on a red field which were the colors of the old Spanish flag. Spain had been the colonial power that held sway over the colony of Louisiana in the late 18th century.

How is your Center funded?

The Young-Sanders Center has been generously funded by individuals and institutions including the Sanders Foundation and the Young Fund. The Center operates under the jurisdiction of the Morgan City Archives and the City of Morgan City.

Do you have a recommended reading list?

Yes. We believe the followng works are exceptional and will be of use to anyone who wants to learn more about the War Between the States.

General Works:
The Confederacy by Charles Roland
Cracker Culture by Grady McWhiney
Roll Jordan Roll by E. Genovese
The Civil War by Shelby Foote
North Verses South by L. Johnson


Grant by W. McFeely
Lee by C. Dowdey
Richard Taylor by T. Michael Parrish
General Sterling Price by A. Castel
Sherman by John Marszalek
Beauregard by T. H. Williams
Lincoln by D. Donald


Louisiana in the War:
The Civil War in Louisiana by John Winters
The Conduct of Federal Troops in Louisiana--Edited by D. Edmonds
The Battle in the Bayou Country by M. Raphael
The Night the War was Lost by Charles Dufour
Port Hudson by L. Hewitt
Red River Campaign by L. Johnson
Louisiana in the Confederacy by Jefferson D. Bragg
Touched by War: Battles Fought in the Lafourche District by Chris Pena


Other works of interest:
Attack and Die by Grady McWhiney
Blood and Treasure by D. Frazier
Cottonclads by D. Frazier
Diary in Gray - Edited by M.E. Sanders
The Texas Overland Campaign by R. Lowe
The Essential Calhoun-Edited by Clyde N. Wilson
The Road to Appomattox by B. Wiley
The Army of Tennessee by S. Horn
Time on the Cross by R. Fogel and S. Engerman
Nothing but Freedom by Eric Foner
Lee's Lieutenants by S. Freeman
A Stillness at Appomattox by B. Catton
Kirby Smith's Confederacy by R. Kerby



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